Why buy at Lithos Jewelry?

Diamonds-what an interesting topic of discussion! Diamond sales changed drastically after a man named Rappaport decided to list the wholesale prices for them. Jewelers could no longer make a fair profit selling them. Some jewelers found profit in misrepresenting the grades, so certifications became popular. Too many laboratories produced certifications, further clouding diamond sales. The consumer can read on the internet to learn about the 4 C’s. A few hours of study are not enough. Consider that a diamond dealer deals only in diamonds. It is a complex field requiring, not only extensive study, but also experience. Lornie and Rose are both Graduate Gemologists of the GIA and Certified Gemologist Appraisers with the AGS. They would rather sell what you want rather than what they have in stock. In other words, they do not have an extensive selection of diamonds in house. They discuss the parameters important to your diamond purchase and use a network of over 20 diamond dealers to secure exactly what you want at a fair price. The internet based diamond dealers do not inventory diamonds. They do as Lithos Jewelry. Why purchase from Lornie and Rose? With their combined 60 years of experience, they can explain and show the differences in the diamonds you will view. You see the diamond under the microscope and make a decision. There is no obligation to buy.