Design and Repair Studio

Although Lornie’s bench work spans 40 years, he maintains there is something to learn each and every day. Cad-Cam design and the use of the use of Laser Welder for the last 15 years are the integral parts of that body of knowledge.  The design process begins with an idea. The idea is transformed into reality with a Cad-Cam design that is a computer image of the finished piece of jewelry.   It is exact.  Lornie e-mails this image to the client and upon approval the rendering becomes a wax model generated by the computer. The model is perfect. This new technology saves money and perfects the design; the finishing of the metal is quicker and the stone setting is faster.

Is the metal band of your watch broken? Do companies as Rolex, Cartier, Ebel, Brietling tell you that they can’t be fixed. Lithos Jewelry has the ability to repair and refurbish these expensive bands. They will be as new after they leave our trusted hands. If you have questions please email us or call during business hours. Text or Call us at 727.480.7021

All repairs and custom orders are done on premise.